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Desi Clothes for INDIA was launched to make the less fortunate people of India feel what they truly are - special like every one of us.  We collect and donate ethnic Indian wear to the homeless, the people in sheltered homes and the children in orphanages.  Additionally, this will give an opportunity to all people of Indian origin in the USA to donate their almost new or gently used fancy, traditional Indian clothes to deserving, but less fortunate people in India.  Most of us have many lovely Indian clothes in our closets, but we either don't have a place to donate them to or don't have the heart to throw them away. We don't wear many of these clothes anymore, but they stay in our closets forever!  They are beautiful and in almost new condition, but have nowhere to go.  It is extremely saddening that people in India, who do not look much different from us, have to suffer wearing old tattered clothes.  Children have no special clothes to wear for a festival, or even a birthday.

Many Indian families living in the USA face the problem of not knowing what to do with all these expensive traditional Indian clothes that are outgrown or out of style, but too good to be thrown away!  Most of the Indian clothes we wear in America are fine party wear attire and are almost new.  Taking them to India to donate is not always possible due to the baggage weight restrictions.  Unfortunately, it is sad that many would-be donors throw out perfectly good, used Indian clothes.

Like many of us, we at Desi Clothes for INDIA also have been looking for ways to donate these ethnic Indian clothes.  Desi Clothes for INDIA is delighted that a few opportunities are opening up, and we will be able to send these lovely Indian clothing donations to orphanages, other sheltered homes and the homeless in India.  I may be just a teenager, but in the heart of Desi Clothes for INDIA is the fervor to bring hope and empowerment to the powerless in India.  We have fine Indian clothes in our closets with nowhere to go, and we have people in India who would be delighted to have them.  It is a win-win situation!  If each and every one of us could donate and bring a smile on someone's face, it would be a really good deed.  This nationwide, yearlong Indian clothing drive is a great way to make a difference. Let's give back to our mother country. Let's do it!

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